Management Team

Our Committed Professionals, Each one Focuses expertise areas.

Our strong workforce has one thing in common, a firm dedication and passion for everything they do. Our people are our greatest strength we are planning our own future to reach our aim and started action to meet the challenges. Advancing our people increases productivity improves quality and put in to the overall satisfaction of our workforce.

Aswathi Belchada

HR & Digital Marketing Strategist

Aswathi Belchada gathered significant experience in Web designing, content writing, Graphic designing and an experienced Digital Marketer. She is also the force behind business expertise and administrative capabilities. She is responsible for recruitment and manpower planning.


Chief Accountant

Majida serves as Thumbus’s Chief Accounting Officer. She is responsible for financial reporting, audits and tax compliance. Majida also oversees the back-office operations with regards to reporting and forecasting.

Swafvan Mos

Creative Designer

Swafvan Mos, an Experienced Creative Designer and a Youtuber, He is the owner of MOStv by Swafvan.  He got a Silver play button.In his role, he is responsible for providing concept visualization through sketches, drawings and illustrations.  

Ashly Jasmine

SEO Analyst

Ashly Jasmine is a talented SEO Analyst she is concerned in keyword research, advising of best practices and developing SEO strategies both on and off-page for the company’s websites. She works closely with the team that drives content to the website. Monitoring and evaluating web analytics dashboards and reports in order to develop and recommend SEO strategies.


Growth Hacker

As an all round entrepreneurial follower, Abhishek is very passionate about new innovative technologies. He is supporting businesses with the marketing activities. He believes in operational excellence, his areas of interest include brand development, corporate planning, HR, and Organizational Design and Strategy.

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