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The Thumbus Group of Companies is a privately owned resourceful and integrated group of companies specializing in areas of IT Sector, Security Products Sector, AgriFarming, Football & Cricket Turfs and Business Coaching in Kerala.

During the last eight years our company performed very well although in pandemic times. Our face up to have not only been economic and we had to be concentrated at times in the fields of product quality and performance. Under the leadership of Mr. Musthu Thumbus, the Thumbus Group specializes in Digital Marketing globally.

Mr. Musthu Thumbus

Dear friends,

Looking back on the last 10 years, there is much we have to be proud of as a successful business group.  I strongly believe that there is no short cut to achieve goals. I wish, from the core of my heart, to have a very remarkable progress.  We are focus on growing our business, and also conscious of the changing needs of society. Our mission is empowering to TWEC. As a leading Digital Marketing company we provide opportunities for people through online possibilities. We are proud of what we have accomplished and we will continue to make on the pillars that have helped us to be successful.

With Best Regards,

Muhammad Musthafa
CMD, Thumbus Group


Making opportunities in online possibilities –

We provide opportunities for rural educated women’s to help themselves and grow personally and professionally through leadership, education and technical skills. There is a large number of opportunities on the internet that can help you grow quickly. We dedicated to female empowerment and creating opportunities for growth where women feel supported in their lives.


Empower to TWEC – The meaning of the ‘T’ in TWEC is empowerment of his team. He focuses on developing employees and supporting to achieve their goals. ‘W’ means Women empowerment at Thumbus group he provide more Job opportunities for women and mentoring them professionally.  ‘E’ is making great Entrepreneurs, they suffer from a lack of academic or intellectual skills and need practical skills. He helps Entrepreneurs to develop resourcefulness and success. ‘C’ means he supporting children and families to meet their potential and guide them to feel appreciated, competent.  


The  Thumbus digital marketing sector was started out making job sites for the job seekers of abroad.


SCUBE Security solution Service company founded in Kizhissery, Malappuram. Now it turned in to Thumbustech. 


Soccer City Football and Cricket Turf developed by thumbus group.  At present it’s very successful. 


In partnership with Bonsai Brands, focusing mainly on Brand consulting, later formed Bonsai brands academy for digital mrketing.


Thumbustech,  Security products sales started, wholesale and retail sales of security cameras, DVR, NVR etc.

What Our Clients Say

“Thumbus is attentive, personable, and professional. Thumbus team provides great support for our company's needs. They are always available to answer any questions.”
“It is so energizing to work with Thumbus. They explain all the essential technical things in a way we can understand. They help us to using digital marketing to generate leads for our business. ”
“The content Thumbus developed for our new website was exactly what we needed. From key notes for the homepage, to product features and targeted case studies, the content really helps sell our product.”
“It's always a pleasure to work with Thumbus team. They are friendly, responsive, and results-oriented! I can call over there and talk to anyone and get my questions answered in an instant.”
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